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I'm a professional skeptic; startups hire me to poke holes in their product and help build things that people actually like and want to use. More specifically, I step in to help lead strategy and execution at early and mid-stage startups with a focus on product, UX, and customer acquisition.

I also run UX NY, a usability testing meetup group with meetups in NYC and San Diego. Previously, I led the team that built all of Bon Jovi's web properties and co-founded Flywheel (formerly known as Cabulous), which is changing the way you hail a cab and making ground transportation more efficient worldwide.

Beyond my day-to-day work, I try to find time to write (essays, snarky texts to my mother, sloppy n00b code) and am attempting to dabble in real estate. I'm also interested in mental health advocacy, life extension, and behavioral psych.

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Foursquare Global Hackathon 2013 Winner

Volkan Unsal and I are the current Foursquare hackathon title belt holders -- yes, they literally gave us a blinged out wrestling belt -- for building GymShamer.

spotify music apps hackathon

Last year, I teamed up with Toby Matejovsky and Alex Tandy to win the Doritos 5K prize at the Spotify Music Apps Hack Weekend for building Songjitsu, a music-based social game built on Spotify's API and modeled after Apples to Apples.

nj tech design competition

In January, I won the the NJ Tech Meetup/SorinRoyerCooper web design competition. The new site is currently in production. Does this mean I can't talk shit about Jersey anymore?

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